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The perfect employer – what makes a company attractive to candidates?

This question is becoming more and more important. Qualified personnel are rare and much sought after. Often potential candidates have the choice between several job offers, or are simply not actively looking for a change – hence, they need to be convinced of the advantages of a new job. Here it’s not only the job description, responsibility and salary that are important. The attractiveness of the company must not be underestimated as a factor.

So, what is it that makes a potential employer interesting for a candidate, and what can a company do to appear in a positive light? In short, what does a good image as employer entail?

The image of a company is different to quantify. Many different aspects are included and the level of influence of each of those aspects will differ from person to person. Hence , it is important to rank as highly as possible in each possible facet.

That already starts during the application process. To avoid frustration it is important to keep things moving. There should be no more than two interviews for candidate, always followed up quickly with feedback. Appointments should not be too far in the future and should not be cancelled or moved on short notice. That is doubly true for candidates who have to travel a long distance to get to the interview.

What should not be underestimated is the level of attractiveness of the location. That includes first of all a list of practical aspects: How easy is it to get there. Is there decent public transportation and a sufficient amount of parking spaces for the employees? Are there shops and stores nearby that allow quickly stocking up on some necessities on the way home? And what options are there for spending the lunch break?

Since moving the company location is usually not feasible, it might be helpful to counter certain weaknesses by an active policy. A comfortable, light and well furbished break room, sufficient parking space for bikes and cars, or a simple catering service can go a long way in making an employee feel comfortable.

Add to that a general area of high quality of living for the family, and you already score some points.

It’s also helpful to be known as family-friendly as a company. That does not always have to include a company-run child-care facility. However, flexible work hours are a must wherever possible. The occasional day of working from home, in office jobs also saves parents a lot of time and might be the difference between having to take a day off (or call in sick) to take the kid to the doctor or being able to work. So providing the technology for that can truly pay off.

It is important to constantly stay in contact with your employees, to quickly identify and solve problems before they have a chance to grow and fester.

Overall, a pleasant work climate where employees feel valued and challenged but also empowered to decide for themselves how they do their work, is paramount.

Once thing that should not be forgotten, is the company’s image when it comes to a termination of employment. A bad reputation can quickly arise, too, no matter which side initiated the separation. Don’t forget to stay attentive and professional. One thing to mention is to, without having to be prompted, prepare a testimonial or reference.

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