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The qualifying period

The qualifying period when starting a new job is something that most people have mixed feelings about at best. Still, the idea behind the concept is meant to be helpful to both sides. You get to know each other before fully committing yourself.

Still, many employees when starting a new job get the feeling like someone is constantly watching over their shoulder and judging their every move. As a result, many desperately try to impress. However, simply trying to do good work and fit well into the team would be more useful.

A constant stream of suggestions for improvement within the first view months can easily make you look like a know-it-all trying to get attention, and in the long run will do more harm than good to your reputation. It is quite likely that someone already thought about changing this or that about the work flow, but the idea was dropped after due consideration. Hence, it is important to spend some time watching and learning, asking questions, and getting a feeling for the team and the work flow before carefully starting to introduce new ideas.

One thing should not be forgotten: The test goes both ways. In all your efforts to make a good impression, you should not forget to take a look around and think about whether you actually feel comfortable at this company, in this position, and want to continue working there. If it turns out not to be quite what you had in mind, a talk to your superior might open up possibilities to make it fit. Honest and timely feedback is tantamount here – in both directions.

If you remember that the qualifying period is not a month-long exam or test, but a stretch of time meant for getting to know each other, the concept feels much less intimidating, and you will be able to fully concentrate on putting your skills to good use in the new job.

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