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The resume – your business card in competition for the dream job

You have found an interesting job offer and now you want to apply. Before you get to work, you should first change perspective and take on the role of the person who receives your application on his table – and here we go!

Your resume lists in chronological form all stations in your professional career. Depending on what type of job you are applying for, content and layout of the desired position should be adjusted. So a job in a creative field has to look much more „colorful“ than an application for an insurance company or a bank, which should be kept conservative.

Regarding the structure of your resume – also named „Curriculum Vitae“ – it is usual to mention the current professional role above, in the first place; a potential employer primarily is interested in the activities of the last 3-5 years, and less in your first job after graduation…

Here we have prepared a sample-CV in word format, which you can download and customize. Of course, your creativity in personal design has no limits – depending on the length of your work experience and the nature of your employment may arise large differences especially in the field of the tasks and their description.

Regarding the length of your resume, practice shows that a „good“ resume should include not less than two pages, but also not more than four pages. Finally, the decision-makers can quickly and easily get a thorough impression of your qualifications.

The team from top-jobs-europe wishes you good luck!

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