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A look at the boards of directors in German companies – what has changed since the quota of women went into effect?

It’s been three months since the law that made a certain quota of women on the boards of directors of large companies went into effect. We already covered the details of the law in a different article in this blog. Now the Federation of German Industry (BDI) did a first survey of the current situation. At least for those familiar with the subject the results are not very surprising.

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How are things ten years after Bologna?

About ten years ago, the ambitious changes in higher education thought up in the 1990s went into effect. The old Diplomas and Magister henceforth were switched over to Bachelor and Masters. The biggest reform in higher education in the last hundred years was supposed to ensure that universities degrees were comparable internationally, and improve the usability of those degrees in terms of career. This article will look mainly at three aspects of the declared goals of the Bologna reform

Must have degree in .. whatever

It is no secret that successfully finishing a university degree will be a boost to the career. No doubt, the knowledge acquired during the studies are invaluable and hard to acquire in any other way. This is especially true during the first few years of a career, where the daily work routine tends to be a lot more “hands-on” than in leadership positions. That you need an engineering degree to fill and engineer position is a no-brainer.

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A third of all consultants only pretend to be workaholics

The first at the desk in the morning, the last out the door in the evening – if you want to make a good impression with your boss, this is usually the way to go. Sometimes, however, that kind of commitment is just pretense, as a recent example in the USA shows. At one company, every third consultant regularly sneaks out early.

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New professions arise from electric mobility and the increased digitalization of your car

Technological advancement has always lead to great changes within some industries. Currently the automotive industry is undergoing such a development. The reasons are the growing digitalization of vehicles along with the shift toward electric mobility. What sounded like science fiction twenty years ago has become ready for mass production. Even the long-standing problem of energy storage and transfer has come close to being solved. This is where many specialists work whose jobs were niche before but now are on the verge of turning the whole industry upside down.

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The ageing population and the risk to the labor market

For many years there has been the discussion about immigration, usually politically motivated ones. We will not discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a steady stream of immigrants, we will look at the labor market in Germany, and the challenge in many industries where finding suitable personnel has already become difficult.

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Remote work – is home office good or bad?

Currently, the daily routine in German offices looks pretty much the same as in the last few decades. In most cases the prevailing mentality asks for people to be present, their performance evaluation based mostly on how much time they spent at the office. Remote work and flexible work hours, as happy as everyone is to cite them in the ongoing debate about being able to work and have kids, still are a rare sight.

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Business trips to emerging countries – how to prepare for possible risks

Travelling to far-off countries has long stopped being a problem. A couple of hours on a plane, and you can be in almost any place on Earth. In this article, we are not referring to travels within Europe or North America, but the emerging countries in South-East Asia, Latin America, India or North Africa / Arabia, which are becoming more and more attractive for business. These countries offer immense potential both in terms of product and as future customers for European products.

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Why it’s not enough to do classic (passive) recruiting

It’s a common enough problem that every company, whether large or small, in every field, will be confronted with sooner or later: An important opening has to be filled, which requires a very specific mix of skills and experience. It needs to be filled yesterday, if possible, because while it is vacant, the loss of productivity and revenue is costing the company real money. The approach to recruiting a suitable candidate varies, though.

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Are anonymous applications are failed concept for battling discrimination?

Originating from the US and Northern countries in Europe, the trend to send anonymous applications arrived in Germany a couple of years ago. In the beginning, that approach was praised as a major milestone against discrimination during the hiring process. As soon as there is no picture and no name, age, and gender are listed in the applications, hiring managers are no longer able to consciously or subconsciously select by those criteria.

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Fake applications as a result of the General act on equal treatment (AGG)

The General Act on Equal Treatment has been in effect in Germany for more than eight years now. The goal of the law was to prevent discrimination based on religion, gender, race or age during the hiring process. Overall, statistics show that the law has been successful in achieving those goals. The number of people over 55 and that of women with and without children in the work forces has steadily risen over the last few years. Some of that will undoubtedly be due to the rising shortage of qualified workers, but generally HR managers have taken the law to heart and there have been few problems with its application.

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How to avoid embarrassing mistakes when using E-Mail

More than twenty years after the internet has become available to the public, electronic mail is an integral part of daily office communication. Still, often even important emails sent to business partners are less than perfect in their composition. Spelling mistakes aside, there are a number of common problems in style which we will take a look at

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Changes in the tax rules concerning company parties

Every year, usually in the weeks before Christmas, some get-together happens in almost every company. Now some tax changes have been announced for company anniversaries, birthdays , and like activities which are paid for by the company. The employees in those cases receive something akin to a monetary advantage as far as the tax law is concerned. There are yearly upper limits, but for years those have only been sporadically and tentatively been adjusted upward. The current limit is 110 Euros per employee per year.

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Am I covered on the way to work if I don’t use the nearest bus station on the way to work?

Employees in Germany are by law insured against accidents on their way to work and back home, as long as they chose the shortest possible route. For those taking the car there have been a number of enforceable judgements concerning the matter over the last few decades. Insurers have adjusted their conditions accordingly. But what about those using public transportation? For those there has been a recent court decision.

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Rating portals on the web – a boon or bad for business?

Over the last few years, several rating portals have become established within the web community. While in the beginning they were hardly taken seriously, at least in some fields of industry they now exercise considerable power. By now even Facebook has joined the fray and allows ratings of public places. Whenever old established companies on the web adopt functionality from smaller ones, this usually means a new trend has reached a critical mass of users that promises profits to be made.

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One way to stay on top of all those emails

It has been twenty years since email was invented, and fifteen since their use has become widespread for business purposes. The advantages are obvious: Especially when used for international purposes, email is much faster than classic “snail” mail. Some senders also believe that form and style are less important with emails than on paper. However, over the last ten years, a “netiquette” has developed, offering a basic guideline. Also, (and this has become a common ground for complaints) email allows to send a message to several recipients at the same time, even differentiating between main recipients and those who should only be notified. In practise, the latter feature has become a curse as much as a blessing.

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Postgraduate professional education should be part of the solution to the lack of trained personnel problem

During discussions about the lack of specialist workers, demographics usually come into play, and vocational training. Using that approach falls short of reaching the goal, though. It definitely is important to reduce the percentage of those leaving school and university without a degree to ensure that there will be someone there to fill to jobs which will soon be left vacant as the baby-boomers retire. A lack of trained worked doesn't suddenly appear out of nowhere. Companies and managers who look ahead do have a chance to make better use the assets available in the job market than was done in the past.

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